Informed by a variety of experiences lived off the mat—academia, dance, creative director of a small press, motherhood—Amanda brings a unique perspective to her yoga classes. She offers creative, grounding, and intelligently sequenced classes with a focus on cultivating flexibility and strength. Classes are designed to bring focus and integration into asanas.

Each month Amanda's group classes have a different area of focus with a variety of sequences that build, one upon the other, to explore alignment, the balance of strength and flexibility, and long holds juxtaposed with controlled fluid movements.

Amanda believes your practice is as unique as you are and offers plenty of options and modifications for both new and experienced students.


Amanda offers private and group yoga instruction

as well as workshops in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and online.

A thoroughly modern yogini, Amanda infuses the awareness and discipline of traditional vinyasa yoga into her teachings

with a playful, relatable spin.


Private Yoga

I assist clients in identifying goals which We then work together to implement into a personalized practice. My role is to serve, support, and guide clients as they transition into a more balanced, healthier version of themselves.

Group Classes

Find me Teaching Classes at One Heart, The Red Shoes, TREAD BR, and Yoga Path.



Yoga’s Sister Science

Ayurveda, the sister science of yoga, is a full system of medicine based in nature. Though Ayurveda is an ancient science, it is thoroughly modern in its individualized approach to well-being. In Ayurveda we look to maintain balance using therapies such as diet, herbs, lifestyle changes, and yoga. A consultation will include a discussion on your dosha, doshic imbalance, and a plan for addressing your current imbalance using tools like dietary changes, herbal supplements, and changes to your routine.